Sunday, 9 August 2015

Every Little Thing's Kaori Mochida Announces Marriage

Every Little Thing's Kaori Mochida has announced she's now married. 

 On August 8th, Mochida made the announcement on ELT's official website. 

"Today, I have registered my marriage to a non-celebrity man that I have been dating for some time."

She also said, "After meeting him, I reflected upon my feelings, and with time, it became natural for us to become family."

This year the group is also celebrating their 20th anniversary. On September 23rd they'll release a new album which is titled "Tabitabi".

They're also going to release a 5-disc best-of album titled "Tabitabi + Every Best Single 2 ~MORE COMPLETE~".

From October and onward they'll embark on their nationwide tour, "Every Little Thing 20th Anniversary Best Hit Tour 2015-2016 ~Tabitabi~".

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