Saturday, 4 July 2015

D Resuming Activities with Release of New Single

D will be returning from their hiatus and releasing a new single, "HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY".

Last August, the band announced that starting December 2014, they would be going on a hiatus in order to let Vo. ASAGI recover from his temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder.

Fortunately for fans, the band couldn't stay away for too long because they will be returning at their one-man live "HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY" on August 29th at Akasaka BLITZ .

Their new maxi single "HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY" will be released sometime in September, however, details for this release have yet to be announced.



Gt. Ruiza

Ba. Tsunehito
D will also hold their one-man live "HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY" on September 19th at Umeda CLUB QUATTRO and September 21st at Nagoya E.L.L.

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