Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rena Matsui Serving As Center for SKE48's New Single "Mae Nomeri"

SKE48's 18th single "Mae Nomeri" will have Rena Matsui serving as the center. The announcement was made on June 22nd during a theater performance. 

"Mae Nomeri" will be released on August 12th. Rena Matsui will be graduating from the group towards the end of August, making this extra special.

This single also marks the first time the idol has served as the solo center. In the past she has shared the center position with Jurina Matsui.

The 19 senbatsu members participating on the single can be found below:
  • Rion Azuma 
  • Yuna Ego 
  • Mina Oba 
  • Masana Oya 
  • Ryoha Kitagawa 
  • Kanon Kimoto 
  • Saki Godo 
  • Sumire Sato 
  • Aya Shibata 
  • Akari Suda 
  • Sarina Soda 
  • Akane Takayanagi 
  • Marika Tani 
  • Nao Furuhata 
  • Jurina Matsui 
  • Rena Matsui 
  • Kaori Matsumura 
  • Sae Miyazawa 
  • Rara Goto

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