Friday, 19 June 2015

Hiro Mizushima & Ayaka Celebrates Birth of Their First Child

 On June 19th, Ayaka updated her blog with the exciting announcement regarding her first child. According to the blog post, she's filled with happiness over the birth of her child. 

The singer wrote, "Dear everyone. Every time I look at our child's calm, sleeping face, I can't help but to be happy. The moment she was born, it was like God gave us a wink. That's how happy and grateful she makes us feel."

Gratitude was on Ayaka's lips when she continued, "When I think about how this journey has led me to this safe delivery, I am full of gratitude for all of my life experiences and encounters. Thank you very much.". 

She continued, "Without forgetting that we have received this precious life from God, as someone who will create her future, I will take care of her carefully."

The blog entry was signed by actor, and her husband, Hiro Mizushima. The actor was also present at the delivery, welcoming his daughter into the world. He also uploaded a photo of his daughter's hand on Instagram, exclaiming, "I'm a dad". 

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