Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hikari Hashimoto Announces Graduation from AKB48

Hikari Hashimoto announced on June 22nd she will be graduating from AKB48. The announcement was made on the concert celebrating her birthday, which occurred on June 17th. 

The graduation announcement was made by the idol herself during the concert's encore. Specific details surrounding the graduation wasn't made public at the show.

Like more or less all graduation announcements, Hashimoto cited she has found "a new dream" and that it's difficult to manage both her idol career with her studies.

Hikari Hashimoto passed the 14th generation auditions in May of 2012. As of now, she's part of the unofficial unit "Kabuto Muchu" with members Natsuki Uchiyama & Mitsuki Maeda.

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