Monday, 22 June 2015

An Cafe Going Major with New Single Release

Great news for An Cafe fans. The band will be going major with a new release entitled "Sennen DIVE!!!!! (千年DIVE!!!!!)" this August.

An Cafe (アンティック-珈琲店-) new single "Sennen DIVE!!!!!" will be offered in a 8 TYPES. However, specific track list details are not yet available.
  • Limited edition (1800 yen) will include CD+DVD (2 tracks+"Sennen DIVE!!!!!" PV making & members' interview),
  • Musing edition (5400 yen) will include CD+DVD+photobook (2 tracks+A4-size),
  • Regular edition TYPE A (1000 yen) will include CD (1 track+"スマイル1番イイ♀ 〜2015 ver.〜"), and
  • Regular edition TYPE B-F (500 yen each for each member) will include CD (1 track) only.
Musing edition will also feature a segment called "Major debut mass meeting! ~Welcome to Miku's room~ ・メジャーデビュー決起集会!〜みくの部屋へようこそ〜".

Stay tuned for track details.

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